Monday, February 23, 2009

things i'd really like to blog about at length but don't have time for right now

  • why i'm so mad at Miley Cyrus
  • the most amazing/heartwrenching Oscar speech ever
  • one of the most amazing/heartwrenching films ever
  • things that i've been wrong about for most of my life
  • my weird and irrational yet nonetheless overwhelming sense of constant failure
  • why i love school so much
  • why i love my church so much
  • that one time my heart got bruised real bad and why i'm having so much trouble getting over it
  • the relationship between singleness and assimilation, particularly as it relates to the burden of change
that's the short list. there's much much more but i'm afraid that my brain energy is almost exclusively sucked up by school and work and thus i don't have enough to spare for proper bloggery. forgive me my followers, i love you very much. one day we will all reap the benefits of the smartness being sown into my brain. okay maybe not all of us, but i certainly will.