Friday, August 31, 2007

this lil piggy went wee wee wee...

... and got its stupid ass all broke and stuff.

okay, so that's not the real story.

and no, it wasn't a dance floor injury. that seems to be everyone's first assumption.

actually, it's the lone injury sustained in a little fender-bender yesterday. my friend abby and i were on our way to a benefit she threw and well, long story short we bumped into a car that had bumped into a car and it all happened during rush hour on the interstate. thankfully, my lil pinky toe was the only one harmed in the incident. i mean, i did sorta crack the windshield with my forehead. but no worries, it looks a lot worse than it felt. the blow was softened by the headband i was wearing so thank you, hipsters of the world, for starting such a beneficial trend. also, i happened to bump my head at the exact location of what was as of yesterday my second worst injury to date [just a little scar, nothing heinous].

so now in addition to the handicap
of not having a car in nashville, i'm now hobbling around on crutches as well. i should probably note that i'm already clumsy enough as it is so adding crutches to the mix is now both physically taxing and pretty funny to watch. the good news is i have a pretty good attitude about the whole thing.

[me and anne marie, limping around the city]

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

welcome back, blogger

i decided that i need to start blogging regularly again. there was a time in my life when the sun rose and set over xanga and everyday i was posting whatever happened to come to mind. over time, my patience waned and a certain level of self-consciousness set in reducing my internet writings to the occasional [understatement of the century] bulletin on myspace. but there is an impermanence to bulletins that i find disconcerting. some of my greatest quips and feats of wordplay came and went, lost amongst so many event announcements, pleas for comments, and invitations to meet the h0tte$t l@d!eZ and obtain L@te$t r!ngt0nes. i thought perhaps facebook would appease my need for public expression but i was mistaken and have thus given in to my mysterious need to articulate each and every thought and feeling that comes to me. this forum will undoubtedly be therapeutic for me personally but i hope it serves to enlighten but more importantly, challenge anyone who happens upon it to examine their own lives as well.

let me make it clear, however, that the kind of self-examination i hope to promote is not one that leads to self-absorption; instead, let it be a means to an end, that end being love, both of God and others. i know that despite all the trappings of hyper analysis, it has served an invaluable purpose in my life; it has helped me to be patient, understanding, slow to anger... the Biblical definitions of love. granted, it has also contributed to my crippled ability to be purely emotional at times, but these are all things i'm working through and i'm sure that future posts will address this particular plight in great detail.

so congratulations on discovering this blog, i hope at the very least it makes you laugh and at its best, it makes you a better person today than you were yesterday.