Sunday, July 6, 2008

if left to my own devices

i am the quintessential night owl. if it were up to me and didn't have pesky responsibilities like school and work and blahblahbler, i'd probably go to sleep at around 7am every night and get up... well, when i felt like it. which would most likely happen sometime between 3 and 5pm. but being the disciplined young lass that i am, the past several nights i've been going to bed at the early hour of 4am instead. how do i pass the time, you ask? by doing what any disciplined young lass would do: play lots of facebook word games while watching reruns of law & order: criminal intent. duh.

i'm not sure what the appeal of the wee hours of the morning is-- er, are. umm-- is/are. perhaps it's the absence of distraction [i don't consider computer games and television to be "distractions"; i call them brain fuel thankyouverymuch]. i also find that i'm most creative late at night [you're currently reaping the benefits in blog form -- you're welcome, by the way]. allz i know is, i love sleeping, but i hate waking up and i LOVE staying up. i'm not sure how to reconsile these somewhat conflicting passions in a practical way since i can't seem to go to sleep before midnight for the life of me. if i were able to trick myself into thinking that going to bed at 7pm was fun, i could get the eleven or twelve hours of sleep my body so yearns for. but then i'd miss out on all the fun tv and what kind of life is that, hmm? no life at all, as far as i'm concerned.

but alas... my body betrays me and my eyes are currently doing that perpetual tearing thing spurned by relentless yawning. i guess i should go to sleep since i had to get up so early today -- noon. yeesh.

g'nite gars and goils.

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ali said...

g'nite :) happy belated 4th.