Sunday, November 4, 2007

way with word

school has proved to be far more enriching this go-round. i'm no longer pushed by grades and their imaginary importance. instead i'm actually motivated by the opportunity to learn new things [going to school to learn? a novel concept, i know]. in this new found freedom i'm finding that despite the wide spectrum of concepts my classes seem to cover, there's lots of overlap between them and in fact, in my life [school applying to life? a novel concept, i know].

of all the poem's i've written for my poetry class, this one has resonated with me the most so far. probably because the inspiration was drawn from both school and life which i guess in some ways, are proving to be one and the same.

so lady and gentleman, i present:

way with word

you may not believing
but i have way with word
maybe i not having way with your word
but i have a way with my words
because with my words
i can bob and weave
i can sew tapestries
that tell stories
of my warrior past
no i may not having
way with your word
but my words come easy
with my words
i can articulate every thought
every feeling
i can crack my own jokes
i maybe no understanding word you say
but i can translate your tone
and though i know i speak like baby
baby don’t think me weak
just because i don’t know how to saying
what it is i mean
i may never raise my voice
in your word or my words
because i know first hand
speaking louder is not speaking clearer
so though i can not showing with word
though your word on my tongue
is i sorry sound dumb
all the words
are on the tip of my brain
and believe me
i having way with word
i say believe me
i have a way with words


g. said...

love this one! your engrish rocks!

Warlord said...

I miss everybody I had,
They have all gone away,
Across the towns and country,
Or even twenty minutes on the train,

Now i'm in a relationship,
My life has gone astray,
All my hopes and dreams,
seems more distant day after day,

Fifty two weeks a year,
Seems to past like fifty two seconds,
As days and weeks swiftly pasts,
Would they recognise me and beckon,

To all the people i truly love,
Wherever they are, Earth or Heaven,
To meet and shake your hand again,
Is my one and true blessing