Monday, October 29, 2007

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one day i'll learn how to write a post without directly referring to the post i'm writing.

one day i'll be able to release forms of creativity into the world without need of explanation.

one day i won't worry about being misunderstood.

but for whatever reason, today is not that day.

i don't know how to start an entry without apologizing for the content therein. it's totally stupid, totally unnecessary and only projects awkwardness and insecurity. the weird thing is i do this even in my own personal journal entries that only i read. every crisp new journal i purchase begins with some kind of apology for the fact that there are countless other crisp new journals with about a month's worth of entries that have long since been abandoned. every time i journal on my laptop i have to comment on the cliche doogie-howser-ness of it all. if i can't get past my own fears of misunderstanding me, how am i supposed to get past my fears of you misunderstanding me?? it's a sick sad cycle, i tell ya.

but i'll work on it, my friends. or rather, my friend aimee -- as i'm pretty sure you're the only person who will ever read this.


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random_rules said...

hey jessica, it's me. you have one more reader. i read the most recent few blogs you wrote and i'm definitely intimidated to say that you can write and i cannot. anyway, read my blog if you want to. i never write on it.