Thursday, September 6, 2007

all to[e]' up

i would love to say that the horrifying image to your left is the aftermath of last thursday's injury. sadly, that's only partly true. other than the big ol' bruise on my baby toe, the rest of that ugly is just my good ol' natural ugly. except for the skanky pedicure; that's not technically naturally ugly but it is certainly ugly nonetheless.

as for the injury itself, using my extensive medical knowledge [i mean, i did just get like a D- in biophsychology] i think i've deduced that my pinky toe probably isn't broken after all. it's been a week since the car accident responsible for my boo-boo and i'm already able to move it around without any pain. now i'm no doctor but i'm pretty positive it takes more than a week to heal a broken bone. who knows? maybe i'm like wolverine and i've got some crazy healing abilities or something.

oh well... better safe than sorry right?

meanwhile, i'm still gonna say i broke it. owning up to a broken pinky toe is pathetic enough... having to admit that i have nothing more than a badly bruised pinky toe?? that's just wrong.

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