Tuesday, September 18, 2007

. . . dot dot dot . . .

i know i said i'd try to blog more but every time i sit down to write, i get blocked. my problem isn't lack of material as i have a veritable card catalogue of topics i've been wanting to expound upon tucked away in this brain o' mine.

no, my problem is the same problem i always have. i can almost call it my only problem as it seems to be the root problem of pretty much every other problem i face these days:



it's stupid, i know. blogs are by nature impermanent, frivolous, and instant-gratification. so why think so much about something that matters so little?

i have no effing idea.

so i'm gonna start writing. even if i'm writing about how hard it is to write, i need to write. i need to quit holding my thoughts captive and set them free so they can roam free and be exposed for their inherent stupidityness. mmhmm. you heard me.

so whether it makes sense or not, whether anyone reads it or not, no matter how personal and impersonal or ruh-diculously self-conscious.

it brings to mind what i once said to a family friend as a recently potty-trained wee lass who required their assistance in the wiping of my toosh:

i'm very sorry for all this.

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